About Shinto

Shinto genuinely was created by project managers for project managers. We could tell the other project and portfolio management systems seemed to be designed by developers after attempting to meet the requirements of every stakeholder they came across. But he who tries to solve all problems, solves none.

We wanted our software to get you from zero to 90% accurate in minutes, rather than 80% accurate in hours. But how to do that? How could we create a software system that could forecast at least as accurately as our competition with 1/100th the data input?

We found the answers by training ourselves to ignore everyone who came before, which is easier said than done. We found the answer in dynamic probability wave algorithms, pre-programmed to further minimize the burden of user input.

Other solutions require vast amounts of input in order to produce rather pedestrian output. Once your staff starts to realize this, they stop using the tool as intended, and pretty soon it’s just a timesheet entry system.