Meet Shinto - SAAS Project Management Software

Shinto is the project management tool that fluidly melds time, resource and financial forecasting into a single, elegant interface. It replaces 1000’s of clicks with the slide of a mouse, and is so simple to use, the system requires just one button.

Shinto looks different, because it is. Just watch our video. 

To learn how Shinto saved Wunderman Thompson Health over 1.3M in three years’ time, click here.

Managing projects is about 3 things:

Time | Money | People

See how Shinto deals with each in a totally new way


Shinto project management software interface

Shinto presents your projects like some of the other project management systems, only with infinitely more valuable results, producing instant financial and resource analysis whenever a project is created or modified – and not just to your projects, but to every other employee and department in the company. . .or network.


Right now you struggle to guess your resource needs. . .for next week. And you certainly don’t know when to hire temp vs. perm. Shinto gives you that data for next month, next quarter, and next year. And it updates instantly, every time a project is created or modified.

Shinto project management software interface


Shinto project management tool interface

You probably forecast your company using some guesswork that goes into a spreadsheet for one account, which then rolls into another spreadsheet full of guesswork, then into yet another. After all this, nothing tells you when in time you will need all this work done. And none of it is visual, which is how people think. Shinto uses dynamic probability wave algorithms to reimagine the whole model.

How can Shinto do this without requiring you to click all day? This is one of Shinto's guiding principles.


shinto program management forecasting

We weren’t joking when we said Shinto creates projects in three seconds, and takes three clicks to do it. Other solutions require thousands of clicks. Did we mention it also writes custom scopes of work, yet still doesn’t even require a keyboard? That’s because Shinto was built by project managers for project managers … or for anyone else who manages projects.

Notice how other PM companies seem to avoid showing their interface? At Shinto, we can't show off ours enough.


shinto project manager interface

Even the Admin interface is beautiful on Shinto, and easier to use than any you’ve ever seen, for any type of software. It only takes a couple of days of basic data entry to set up a 300-person company. Have a question? Shinto answers it.

Business Development

It’s pitch time, which usually means the team waited till the last minute to come up with the tactical plan. Now it’s Friday afternoon and you have to price out 73 projects from scratch in Excel. Using Shinto, instead of losing another weekend, you can scope it all in an hour or so, and Shinto even gives you a beautiful Gantt chart for the pitch deck.

The same can be said for scenario and risk planning, because Shinto allows you to create projects so quickly, and move them across time so easily, that analyzing several options for a year-long plan, in the context of financial and resource impact, is actually fun. How often can you say that about program management software?

To learn how to use Shinto as a pitch machine, read on…


Shinto project management video

Nobody likes to switch to a new financial system, so Shinto doesn’t ask you to.

To get project management tools to integrate with your existing timesheet or financial system usually takes months, and often requires an expensive custom build. Shinto has a universal API which allows it to take in the key budget numbers from almost any existing financial system, with almost no setup time, with almost no custom work, at zero cost.


HR and Shinto? Yes! Human Resources and Talent Management love Shinto. Why wouldn’t they, when you think of the challenges they struggle with: when to make a full-time hire vs. a freelancer. With Shinto you can answer that dilemma with a glance at a screen.

In other words, Shinto can pay for itself a dozen times over by saving your company from making a single unnecessary $100,000 hire.


Let’s be frank. Resource management can be a colossal time suck. And even so, no number of meetings and spreadsheets will give you reliable resource forecasts. 

If someone told you they need Sally for 2.5 hrs on a Tuesday eight months from now, you would laugh; Sally might not even be at the company eight months from now. 

Yet most program management systems want you to think that they can provide you with realistic data, and they require hundreds of thousands of clicks to produce it. Shinto is honest about forecasting resource needs, and requires just a handful of clicks to give you the information you can actually do something with in the most digestible format possible.

Finance teams love shinto because they helped build it. From the first wireframes, we have strived to include Finance department officers at every stage of the design process. 

Finance teams need a system to tell the future, because our competitors are all about telling them the past—reporting—not accurately predicting what will happen.  

Also, Shinto gives the Finance department an instant look at how much fee a team, a title, or an employee, is forecasted to bring in vs. their salary, allowing for quick, thoughtful profitability analyses for hiring and compensation-adjustment decisions.

Learn more about our reality-based forecasting here.

At Shinto we found a new way to tell time. Seriously.


shinto project schedule interface

Other project management systems all handle scheduling the same way.

Just look at them. It’s like someone had a bad idea, then everyone copied it.

Shinto is about to rethink it all . . . again.

Most of your staff can’t grasp schedules the way they are done now, and your clients certainly can’t. So you make Gantt charts over and over.

Shinto combines all the best features of task-based schedules and Gantt charts into one unique way of expressing work across time.

shinto project management schedule interface

At Shinto, the future is coming soon. Real soon.


Shinto program management interface

Imagine if your project management software actually learned from the tens of thousands of data inputs your staff enters, rather than treating every typical project like some exotic request it has never seen before.

We are programming Shinto to learn when certain employees are likely to work on a certain type of project and for how many hours. 


Pricing is simply based on tracked employees:

Up to 50 : $5k per year
51-100 : $10k per year
100-150 : $14k per year
151-200 : $17k per year
200+ : contact us for discounts.

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